On this site you will find multiple resources for students and parents. On the LEFT, you will find links to all of my courses. If you click on the link to a course, it will bring you to the page devoted to that class. On each class page you will find information regarding assignments, upcoming events, as well as other valuable tools.

This website is a "work in progress."  Please check frequently for updates. 

Contact Information
Email: kate.emerson@sau41.org
Phone: (603) 465-2269
Room: 373

After School Hours
: I am available every day after school until 2:40pm.  I can make arrangements to stay later if necessary with advanced notice.  

Need Extra Help?  See me during CAV Block, after school, or I can connect you with a FREE tutor from NHS.

Required SUPPLIES for all students in my classes:

1.  Binder: one that is at least one inch (preferably 1.5 inch) for science class only!
2.  Plenty of loose-leaf, lined paper - no spiral notebooks, please.
3.  8 dividers: I will give specific instruction on how to label these - please wait until we meet.
4.  A scientific (or graphing) calculator: the one required for your math class is perfect!
5.  About 10-15 plastic page protectors
6.  Plenty of pens: a few different colors suggested
7.  Plenty of pencils: I suggest mechanical
8.  Several different colored highlighters
9.  White-Out