I can be reached at trevor.duval@sau41.org

To sign up for parent conferences, please following the following link.  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/mrduval

Parents, please note, I use the Google Classroom as my digital platform.  As currently configured, only those with sau41.org accounts have access to its contents.  If you would like to be invited to the classroom to view what is going on via the Guardian feature, please share with me your email address and your child's name.  Otherwise, to see what is happening, you will need your son or daughter to log on to their Google Classroom account.  All students are required to sign up for the class webpage.  There is a Google Classroom app available for download onto your phone / tablet / computer (but of course it is not a requirement) 

The site is used to:
  • Post daily lessons
  • Post copies of assignments, notes and links
  • Students will summit assignments digitally 
  • Use as a classroom discussion board at times
If you need to meet with me at any other time during the year, please contact me so we can work at a time that works best for all. 

Class expectations and guidelines are attached below.

Students should plan on a quiz every other week, and a class discussion on the none-quiz weeks.  

There will be a small research paper issued the 1st half of the course. 

A.P. U.S. Government and Politics : 17-18

Class expectations and guidelines are attached below.

We will be using the Google Classroom as our primary website this year.

Period 6: o5d9gj

AP Students will be expected to that an AP Goverment exam in May / June.  It will be the College Boards in May, or an exam I created.   

Topics in Civics 

Class expectations and guidelines are attached below.

Generally speaking, all work will be done in class unless a student was absent from class.
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