Welcome to the HPS Learning Commons

The Learning Commons at Hollis Primary School provides a collaborative and connective space for all students, teachers, and the community. 
Within the Learning Commons there are three fluid learning areas: 
the Library, the Instructional Area and the Technology Area.

The Library Area

Cozy, inviting area for students, staff and the community to read and browse our rich, extensive book collection.

The Instructional Area

This is where direct instruction in grade level content areas takes place, with space for independent practice. A full classroom set of laptop computers is available for use by all students and teachers. 

The Technology Area

This area is available on a drop-in basis for every student and staff member. Available activities include working on research or other content area projects, and exploring. the STEM station. Word work, numeracy skills, geometry exploration and coding can be reinforced using iPads, laptops or the Osmo app.
Strategy and board games as well as building stations are also available for all students.