NEW at HUES! ~ You can now send in your child’s absence to our attendance email address.  This address is:  hues.attendance@sau41.org   This mailbox is ONLY for sending in a note about your child’s attendance or morning tardiness.  Please only send the following information: 
  • child’s first name
  • child’s last name
  • teacher’s name
  • reason for tardy or absence, and
  • date of tardy or absence
You can still call our attendance line (open 24/7) and leave a message with your child's name, teacher and date of the absence: 
(603) 465-6572. 
Events and Announcements

Tuesday, March 12 - No school for students; Professional Development Day for teachers

Read Across America Singers

Attention, families of students in sixth grade!

We appreciate two pictures of your student for the promotion slide show -- one baby picture and one of your student during the elementary school years.  Please e-mail the pictures to Mrs. Boudreau at samantha.boudreau@sau41.org.  We can also scan (and promptly return) hard copy photos.  
It would be best if you could do so by the time we take our Winter Break in February!

Updated Bus Routes - 2018-19 Bus Routes

2018-19 Six Day Rotation Calendar

HUES Rotation Calendar 1819

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