Yes, it is true - I have the best job in the world!   
I am the HBHS Library Media Specialist as well as a certified 5-12 English teacher and soon-to-be certified ETI Specialist.   
I am also the the ICT coordinator for HBHS and teach many related lessons in the Library Commons.   

In 2016: continued development of the collection and expansion into ebooks, digital audio, and community involvement. 
In 2015: the HBHS Learning Commons received multiple commendations from the NEASC review committee.
In 2014: earned my LMS and started work towards my ETI
In 2013: turned the HBHS Library into the HBHS Learning Commons. 
In 2012: ** Many family tragedies.  I will be forever grateful to my colleagues for helping me through this year. 
In 2011: created the Science Fiction 1 and II classes, now taught most handily by Ms Tori Millette, one of our school's most amazing people.
In 2010: started the Writing Lab (now an administrative office) to empower every student to seek assistance in drafting, editing, review or publication. 
In 2009: started reviewing digital portfolios for ICT; created the student-friendly HBHS ICT how-to manual/pamphlet;
In 2008: had a baby; created a shareable template for standards-based lessons.  
In 2007: created a shareable HBHS Writing course workbook and accompanying web site with content populated by students; started offering tech workshops to HBHS staff.
In 2006: started teaching at HBHS. 

In my "spare moments" I enjoy :
  •     guiding independent studies for those who request one. 
  •     offering a job skills program in the library known to most as Student Library Aides.  (This goes beyond the standard HBHS TA and offers real-world job skills.  The handbook is online and interested students should submit an application and request an interview.) 
  •     seeking new tech and digital tools  - sometimes for sheer enjoyment but mostly for educational purposes! 
  •     spreading an appreciation for the ideas found while reading, writing and discussing literature in my community.

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