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Digital Electronics

The HBHS Technology Center is home to a variety of technology classes.  For details on each, select the desired class in the menu on the left.

As the end of summer vacation approaches, we are preparing to be successful in our next year.  I have attended a 2 week training in preparation to teach Introduction to Engineering Design, and am excited to start this class this year!!  It will be a great class - fun is guaranteed (at least for part of the class)!  If you are looking for information about your upcoming class with me, here is a list of materials that I suggest to help you to be successful in my classes:

Introduction to Engineering Design (periods 1 and 7):  

  •  3 ring binder (1.5 inch)
  • composition notebook (you may want a graph paper composition book - or "quad ruled")
  • It may also help if you have your own ruler, 6 inch is fine, almost anything that will give you a straight edge.
  • USB drive suggested - to store your CAD files (4GB is probably large enough)

Robotics 1 (periods 4 and 6):
  • 3 ring binder (1 inch - or can be shared with another class) 
  • composition notebook

Principles of Engineering (period 5)
  • 3 ring binder ( 2 inch)
  • composition notebook

Computers and Technology (Spring )
  • 3 ring binder (1 inch - or can be shared with another class)
  • composition notebook

Students will be given their Google Classroom code in the second week.  Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Team 1073:

The HBHS FIRST Robotics Team meets every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  This year we will be meeting in the HB Middle School, rm 103.  See www.theforceteam.com for access to the Team 1073 calendar and information about the meetings.  If you have any specific questions about the HB FIRST Robotics Team 1073, you can either email myself or the lead students at frc.1073.ceo@gmail.com . 

We are in need of mentors for the 2015-2016 year.  If you are interested, please send Sue Hay an email at  sue.hay@sau41.org.  Being a mentor is very rewarding, especially working with the talented and professional students of HB.  We are looking for adults that have specific talents/skills as well as adults that can just come and help/assist or even to drive students to competitions/events.  Here are the subgroups that need help:
  • Mechancial - several mentors needed.  Mentors will work with 3-5 students on tasks related to building the robot or other essential projects.
  • Software -  mentors will guide students who are planning to use Java to program the NI RoboRio to control the robot.
  • Electrical - mentors will guide students who are responsible all electronic components and sensor as well as the wiring all components to the robot.
  • BACS (Business and Competition Strategy) - several mentors needed to assist this group with a large variety of tasks including budget, finances, fundraising, scouting apps for android tablets, t-shirt designs, community outreach, etc...
  • Integration - mentor needed to assist current mentor in organizing the team's execution of tasks, verification testing, and other various tasks


Sarah and Samy with Woodie Flowers
Woodie Flowers autographing the student's Free Hugs sign.