Scholarships in Guidance are now located under the Colleges Tab (Scholarship List) in Naviance/Family Connection

Throughout the school year, opportunities for scholarships become available. Interested students should check the scholarship section in Family Connections/Colleges. The bulk of scholarships arrive during the second semester. A few, including some highly competitive national ones, have fall deadlines. Seniors interested in ROTC scholarships should begin the application process as soon as possible.

Scholarship Process
Many scholarships require transcripts, recommendations, and SAT/ACT Scores. If you need supplemental information for your scholarship, please fill out the Scholarship Transcript Request Form in Guidance. Please indicate the name and address of the scholarship, as well as the deadline.

You can check off the information you will need, such as transcript, counselor recommendation, school profile, SAT/ACT scores, and teacher recommendations.                                                                           

Scholarships that require a confidential Letter of Recommendation
1.  Bring the packet(s) to the Guidance Office and we will send all information together. 
2.  Send the application yourself, our information will go separately.

Please note you must adhere to Scholarship Deadlines and complete the Scholarship Request Form at least 2 days prior to the deadline.

Check the Helpful Websites Link for Financial Aid/Scholarship Questions