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HBHS Winter SAT Preparatory Course


Hollis/Brookline High School will once again be offering an 7-week course to prepare current JUNIORS for the SAT Reasoning Test. 


Classes meet twice a week, on Mondays & Thursdays, for 2 hours each: 

Reading/Writing classes are instructed on Mondays by Ms. Lin Illingworth.

Math classes are instructed on Thursdays by Mrs. Stacey Plummer.


We offer two class meeting times during our winter session: an early class which meets from 5 pm – 7 pm and a late class which meets from 7 pm – 9 pm. Students will be assigned to one of these class times.


The cost of the course is $325 and includes reading/writing and math materials, classroom instruction, and a final mock SAT exam that will both be evaluated and scored by the instructors.

Payment must be made by check and checks should be made out to “HBHS”.


SAT Prep class will begin on January 27th and the course will end on March 16/17th.  If there is a class cancellation due to weather or emergency, the class will be rescheduled for earlier in that day or, if necessary, to another day of the week. The course schedule can be found using the link below.


Registration Information:

Registration for the spring session will begin at 7:15 am on Thursday, January 9th and end on Friday, January 17th (or when all classes are FULL).  To register, students and their parents must print, read, and completely fill out the registration form (which can be found using the link below) and bring the registration form and payment to Mrs. Wilkins, our SAT Prep program registrar, in the School Counseling Office.  Registration is handled on a FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED basis and registrations will not be accepted prior to January 9th at 7:15 am.  When students bring their registration form AND payment to Mrs. Wilkins in the School Counseling Office, Mrs. Wilkins will put a date and time stamp on the registration while they are there.  The available spots in each class will be filled in the order that registrations are received.  We have the ability to offer two sections of the SAT Prep class to a total of 36 students. Once all 36 spots are filled, the SAT Prep Course registration will be CLOSED.  If fewer than 36 students register for the 2020 Winter SAT program, then the numbers will be analyzed to determine how many classes we are able to offer.   Classes must have 16 registered students to be able to run.




1) On the registration form you will be asked to let us know which of the classes described above you would be able to attend.  As spots fill up, students with greater flexibility will have a better chance of being able to get into a class.  For example:  The 36th (and final) student to register is only able to attend the early (5 – 7 pm) class, but that class was filled first with students who had an earlier registration number.  If that student has no other availability, he/she could be told that there is not a spot available for him/her. 


2)  You may NOT drop payment and registration forms off in the School Counseling Office prior to 7:15 am on Thursday, January 9th .  Student and/or parent must be present at the time of registration. 



3)  Registration will close as soon as the 36th student registers, so do NOT assume that you will be able to register on days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 of registration.  

Click here for registration form 

Click here for schedule

If you have any questions, please email our SAT Prep Course registrar, Brenda Wilkins, or the course administrator, Stacey Plummer.