2018-19 HBHS Course Registration

Grades 10, 11, 12 Online Registration: February 6th - February 19th
Grade 9 Online Registration: February 21st - March 5th

To download a copy of the Program of Studies, click here

Log into PowerSchool using your PowerSchool ID and password.

Click on the Class Registration icon

You will be presented with the course categories from which you will make your selections. The courses are sorted by core subjects (English, social studies, math, science, world language) and then by electives.

Click on the pencil

on the right side of the screen to view courses in each academic category. Please note that some academic categories contain multiple pages for course selections.

Please select from the core teachers’ course recommendation
in the Alert column.

Make selections and click OK. To make changes just click on the pencil to reselect classes.

Courses chosen will now appear in the center of the screen. You should see a
if you have made appropriate selections.

If you see a 
 click on the icon and an error message will appear.

There will be a running tally of credits at the bottom of the screen indicating the total amount of credits selected.
Students are required to carry a minimum of 6 credits and a maximum of 7 credits. PowerSchool will not allow you to request more than 7 credits. Make sure to add two Alternate Requests.

You are encouraged to select the most rigorous course load in which you will be successful. We encourage you to discuss selected recommendation (road map) with your teacher. Please be mindful of your extracurricular obligations, and combinations of classes, so that you may have a good balance in your life.

Upon completion of course selections, click Submit.