Parking Permits - Students

***Parking for 2021-2022 is now closed.  All spots have been assigned.***

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the student parking permit?
$70 per year. 

What happens if my parking permit is lost?
A lost parking permit will cost $5 to replace. 

Can I use the permit that I purchased last year?
No. All students must purchase new parking permits each school year.   

Where do I obtain a parking permit application?
An email will be sent to parents with details of how to obtain a parking permit.

What happens if I fail to obtain a permit?
Cars that park without a permit may be subject to towing.

Can sophomore students park a vehicle on school property?
Unfortunately, no.  Permits are issued to seniors first, followed by juniors.

What happens if I get a different car because my car breaks down or is sold?
Your permit may be transferred from car to car. Students who change cars must register their new car with Mrs. Kipp in the Main Office.

Will my GPA or discipline record affect my ability to receive a parking permit?
School discipline infractions, particularly those related to the parking lot or motor vehicles, could result in the suspension of parking privileges. A student’s grades or GPA will not affect parking privileges at this time.