The health office is staffed with one full-time RN and one half-time RN.   The health office staff is available to answer any questions in person, by phone or e-mail.

The high school student is in school for seven and a half hours a day, five days a week, nine months out of the year. School nurses are now managing complex medical and mental/behavioral health issues during the school day, please keep us informed.

Kelly Ducharme RN BSN - Full -Time School Nurse

Amber Fox McNeil RN BSN - Part-Time School Nurse

Phone: (603) 465-2269 ext 185 or 137

Fax: (603) 465-2485

HEALTH OFFICE HOURS:  Monday and Fridays 7:25am - 2:40pm

  • Tuesdays - Thursdays 7:25am - 4:00pm

Always remember that confidentiality is important while we strive to keep our students safe and healthy


Physical Exam Requirements Per School Policy

All students entering HBHS will have a complete physical exam within one year and every two years thereafter;normally in grades nine and eleven. Documentation from the medical provider will be kept in the student's health record.

Anyone participating in athletics is required to have proof of a physical prior to tryouts and this should be given to the School Nurse.

Immunization Requirements

NH State Law requires that all students have a completed immunization record on file in the health office before they may begin school.  This requirement may be waived by obtaining a medical or religious exemption that will be kept in the student's health record.  You may access a list of current immunization requirements by choosing "Forms and Information" on the health office website or by consulting your medical provider.


Log into SNAP Health Portal:
This is a secure environment where you can share any health conditions and alerts, review and add physical exams, approve any stock over the counter medications you would like your child to have access to during the school day and message directly to the nurse in your child's health record.   

Did you forget your password?
Type in your Login (which is your email address) and select 'forgot password'. This will generate an email where you can reset your password.  

Medications in School


Please see the NH Department of Education Technical Advisory 311.02 on the Health Office Link from the HBHS Web Page


If prescription medications are required during the school day, appropriate medical and parental documentation are required to be on file in the health office. Over-the-counter medications including herbal medication, that are needed during the school day require appropriate parental permission. Parents will need to provide the school nurse pertinent information on specific herbal medication that will be given during the school day.  Medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, are not to be carried by students without medical/parental and health office clearance. All medications are required to be in their original packaging.

Chronic Health Management


Many parents rely on the school nurse for primary care assessments and treatment of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, lyme, asthma, allergies and mental/behavioral health. Documentation is required by the treating medical provider to allow us to provide optimal care for your child during the school day.


Acute Physical or Mental/Behavioral Health Management


Students may return with physical limitations or medication changes that will affect their ability to function in the dynamic school environment. If your child has been seen in the primary, acute-care, or emergency setting documentation is required by the treating medical provider. Such documentation should outline how we can best support your child during the school day.


Anaphylatic Allergies


Please be mindful of our student population with anaphylactic allergies.  Hollis Brookline High School is not allergen free but we strive to create a safe and allergen aware environment for our entire school community.  Be aware this can include perfumes, latex balloons, and many food selections that may be brought to school.