English Teachers

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Nicole Ainsworth-Brown                         nicole.ainsworth-brown@sau41.org     
Lisa Danis                                                 lisa.danis@sau41.org
Heather Deegan                                       heather.deegan@sau41.org       
Heidi Foster (Department Chair)              heidi.foster@sau41.org           
Michael Fox                                              michael.fox@sau41.org          
Lauren Girolimon                                     lauren.girolimon@sau41.org    
Lin Illingworth                                          lin.illingworth@sau41.org                        
Ann Melim                                                ann.melim@sau41.org
Victoria Milette                                         victoria.milette@sau41.org
Claire Pare                                                claire.pare@sau41.org
Marie Salamone                                       marie.salamone@sau41.org


The instructional materials used at Hollis Brookline High School represent a broad range of knowledge, viewpoints, and experiences as well as a diversity of religious, ethnic, and cultural groups.  Materials support curricular goals, stimulate academic growth, and provide students an opportunity to practice critical analysis while developing the ability to make intelligent judgments in their daily lives.  We recognize that at times students and parents may object to some instructional material.  If a parent wishes to have their student exempt from the use of any material, such as a video or novel utilized in a class, they must notify the teacher. It is strongly encouraged that the parent and student meet with the teacher to discuss the alternative material and/or any alternative assignments that coincide with the change in material.

If you have questions about the selection of course materials, please review the HBHS Cooperative School Board Policy IIA Instructional and Library Media Materials which can be found at http://policy.ctspublish.com/hollis-brookline-nhsba/.
We believe that our mission is to inspire lifelong learning and achievement.  We will provide a broad range of experiences which will encourage students to strive for their maximum intellectual, artistic, emotional, social and physical development.  We value the individuality of each member of the community and believe that an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect is essential to the educational process.