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     Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. We have a lot planned for this year.

October is Digital Safety Month so we will be focusing on this topic for several weeks. Through a series of grade level videos and discussions, students will be able to share with others what they have learned about cybersafety.

Fourth graders will key in on the concepts of  keeping our information private, staying clear of internet strangers, asking before downloading due to the danger of viruses, and finally, balancing online and offline life. Their culminating project will be a collaborative Google slideshow that will be shared with others.
Fifth graders are focusing on protecting privacy, making sure their online friends are people they know offline, and determining what is valid information because not all things on the internet are true.They will complete an online assessment at the end of this unit.

Sixth graders have focused on concepts of personal information being private property, choosing online friends safely, cyberbullying, and our social media presence. They just completed an online assessment at the end of this unit.

Sixth graders are now moving on to a coding unit, using Code Monkey. This unit will continue through the rest of the first trimester and beyond.

Please enjoy the activities below.

Building Big! -Learn all about building.

Invention Suspension - Wallace is working on a top-secret new contraption, but it needs a few finishing touches.

Snow Drift - Launch Gromit into the wintry sky – how high can he go? Collect power-ups to blast even higher but watch out for ice rocks!

Sprocket Rocket - Help Wallace and Gromit to fix their ship and fly to the moon.

Wallace's Workshop - Join Wallace in his test lab, a place where the wackiest inventions come to life!

Fantastic Contraptions  A STEM activity for  problem-solving and building great objects

Way of an Idea   Another great STEM activity - problem solving to get the apple to fall on Sir Isaac Newton

Interland - Be Internet Awesome

Hour of Code websites

Grades 4 and 5 -Click here

Grade 6 - Click here


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4th grade integrated arts project on NH animals and habitats comes to a close with presentations using the Tellagami app. 
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