Richard Maghakian Memorial School
22 Milford Street, Brookline NH 03033
(603) 673-4640   
Fax: (603) 673-4785
Captain Samuel Douglass Academy
24 Townsend Hill Road, Brookline NH 03033
(603) 821-0439    
Fax: (603) 673-7384
Brookline NH is a small, southern New Hampshire rural community bordering Massachusetts. From Lake Potanipo to the Muscatanipus Mountain, there are many local topographical features with fascinating historical legends.

Brookline is currently one of the fastest growing towns in the state with a population of approximately 4500.

Brookline maintains two school buildings.  The Richard Maghakian Memorial School houses Pre-K through grade 3 and has a population of 310 students. Captain Samuel Douglass Academy houses grades 4 through 6 with a population of approximately 240 students.  The schools are supported by over 110 staff members with a few traveling between the two buildings. 

The Brookline Schools are part of SAU 41 comprising the towns of Brookline and Hollis. Brookline students enter the SAU 41 COOP at the middle school level and continue in the COOP through High School.