A Reflection on the Last Day of School

posted Jun 16, 2016, 1:00 PM by Amye Renaud
I love Taylor Swift. She’s cute and sweet and smart and sassy and talented and genuine and fun and HAPPY! What’s not to love? Her latest radio release, like so many before it, caught my attention. The video is a collage of her performances through this tour, also with her voice-over talking about the tour. Toward the end, she states, “We’re all really sad it’s ending [the tour] but we’re really happy because of what it was.” She is talking, of course, about the hard work, the excitement, the fans, the success, the energy, that this tour was for her and her team. 

I was asked today, “Are you sad [that it’s the end of the year]?” And I thought of Taylor Swift’s sentiment.

We’re all really sad it’s ending … 

but we’re really happy because of what it was.” 

This has been such a great year … this is a great class … a great group of kids who are each great individuals as well … a great group of parents (you guys!) who have supported their learning adventures every step of the way … and it is so sad to say goodbye!

Through this year, I have witnessed amazing growth in the academic and social development of every student. From day one, this has been a class who came to 2nd grade ready to learn, ready to be inspired, and ready to be part of a community. Together, we created this outstanding 2nd grade community where everyone became a reader, a writer, an editor, a mathematician, a scientist, a researcher, a risk-taker, a problem-solver, a friend, a helper, a supporter, a blogger, and an artist.

They embraced learning. They embraced the reading, and the writing, and the math, and games, and morning meetings, and celebrations. They were committed to filling our gem jar with cooperative and kind actions, enthusiastic about unwrapping our next read-aloud, interested in what I was writing on our class blog and inspired to write something, too. They asked for “Story with Snack” every day. They shared their opinions and ideas without concern for a “wrong” answer. They celebrated each other’s abilities, efforts and achievements.

I am sad. I will miss my students. But I am happy because I am proud of them, I am excited for them, and I am rooting for them. These little ones who come into my life each year have a way of leaving indelible finger prints on my heart, and this class of children is no different in that way.

Have a great summer, 
and I wish you 
a wonderful learning journey 
in grade 3!

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