Our Mission and the Five Cs

The Newfound Regional School District World Languages Program seeks to provide learning experiences that promote linguistic and intercultural competencies. Our goal is for our 21st century learners to be able to communicate effectively in multiple languages in order to actively participate in the global community by

  • Developing functional proficiency in a world language other than English.
  • Promoting respect for and appreciation of differences in cultural practices, products, and perspectives.
  • Strengthening literacy skills in students' home language and the new language.

The "Five Cs" of Foreign Language Education are: (1) Communication, (2) Cultures, (3) Connections, (4) Comparisons, and (5) Communities.

The goal in my Spanish classes is to teach you to, "Know how, when, and why to say what to whom."

(1) The whole reason we humans use language is to communicate with each other. We strive to communicate in meaningful, and appropriate ways with users of that language.  That is our ultimate goal in my classroom.

(2) We are curious creatures, and learning about a different culture is fascinating and motivates us to improve our communication skills to deepen our understanding of the new culture and enable us to make new friendships with Spanish speakers.

(3) We make connections when we study a new language and culture, as the human brain strives to find commonalities, but we also learn how to appreciate the differences as we compare English and our American culture with Spanish and the many different hispanic/latino cultures.

(4) And finally, and perhaps the most difficult and also the most important goal - or I like to think of it as a found treasure - of language learning is to discover a community of people who speak that language and with a little luck and perseverance, be welcomed into that community. It's difficult here in central New Hampshire, but thanks to the Internet and our ever shrinking 21st century Global Village, it is easier to find a small community of Spanish-speaking friends.

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