Student-Staff Senate

    Welcome to the Student-Staff Senate website! This website is to inform the school body on what's going on within the Student-Staff Senate. Here, you'll find our bylaws, current/past proposals, our members, minutes, and subcommittees. Also on this website, you may submit a proposal by clicking on "Submit a Proposal" on the left side column. 

Purpose/Mission Statement: The Organization exists as an active student-faculty body at Newfound Regional High School to provide authentic student and staff voice and collaboration in areas of policy and communication. The Organization promotes positive relations between students and staff through sharing ideas. The mission of the Organization is to improve the academic and social environment at NRHS for the benefit of the school and the community.

Congratulations to Senate members Cierra Greene, Grace Page, Ivy Guyotte, Joshua MacLean, Maddisyn DeCormier, Molly Schilling, Nicholas Crosby, Rebekah Norton, and Samantha Akerman for graduating from NRHS this year!

NEXT SENATE MEETING: Senate Year 2016-2017 has concluded. TBD for the first meeting for Senate Year 2017-2018.