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A P P L Y   F O R   $C H O L A R S H I P! !  

Scholarship information is listed below in order of their application deadline.  Click on the name of the scholarship to apply or for additional information OR see notation to pick up in Guidance.  

If you would like a paper copy of any of these scholarship applications, please ask Mrs. Philbrick in GUIDANCE.


Elks Emergency Educational Grants:                      up to $4,000.00           Deadline:  New and renewal applications 
                                                                                                                                                should be filed between May 1 and  October 31.                                                             
The Emergency Educational Grant program provides financial 
assistance to children of deceased or totally disabled Elks, who 
wish to obtain or further their college education.

Elks Weigel Medical School Scholarship:                $20,000               Deadline: email for an application
If you are planning to attend an accredited U.S. medical 
school to pursue a medical degree or Osteopathic Medicine degree.

Skrungloo Farm, Inc. Scholarship:                    Multiple Forms of Aid
2018 Student Aid/Scholarship application: Available December 2017                                              Deadline:  March 1st, 2018. 
*Paper applications available in Guidance

Journalism Education 
Foundation of New England Scholarship                                     $1, 000                          Deadline:  March 9, 2018
Graduating Seniors planning to go on to 
college and majoring in Journalism
*Paper Applications also available in Guidance

Harold Colby~Ray Barton~NHASH Memorial Scholarship:   $500/annually          Deadline:  March 20, 2018 
 *Applications available in the Guidance Office  

Julia T. Pingree Student Scholarship                                        Varied Amounts                 Deadline:  March 23, 2018
Graduate is pursuing further education in a 
business-related program.  See Descriptive Page
*Paper Applications available in Guidance 

 New Hampshire Association of Family & Consumer Sciences            $1,000              Deadline:  March 23, 2018
Given to a graduating senior proving skills in leadership,
experience and career goals - 3.0 GPS or higher + two
or more family and consumer science courses
*See link for information

Ed Wentzell Child Nutrition Scholarship              Multiple Amounts                     Deadline:  March 24, 2018
Available to Seniors applying to 4 year, 2 year and
vocational studies
*Applications available in Guidance

League of NH Craftsmen Scholarship                                          $1,000                           Deadline:  March 26, 2018
For a deserving student pursuing an education in the 
field of craft-related studies.  Must be in by April 1.
*Applications available also in the Guidance Office

 Association Student Scholarship                                                     $1,000                     Deadline:  March 30, 2018
Award will be given to a graduating senior who meets
eligibility requirements.  (See qualifications).  Finalists will be
selected and notified by the Scholarship Committee.                                   
Online Application &
*Paper Applications Available in Guidance                                                                          
Sober Times Scholarship                                                                       $500.00                 Deadline:  March 3 1, 2018
Any student 18 or over can enter.  It is a $500 essay scholarship is 
geared toward students who make active efforts to fight 
and substance abuse.

Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation                                       Various Amounts      Deadline: April 1, 2018
Graduating Seniors wishing to participate 
should submit the art competition entry form
and a LRSF Application to qualify for other funds
*See Website for further instructions under 
Annalee Thorndike Art Competition
*Copies Also Available in Guidance

Available to Graduating Students from NH & VT                              Renewable $9,000/yr for 1st-year            Deadline:  April 1, 2018
 accepted at USM *See link                                                            accepted students meeting criteria
*Info sheet available in Guidance

Empire Beauty Schools                                                                   $500 - $1000                                  Upon Acceptance at EBS
Graduating students accepted at Empire Beauty
School; Scholarship is payable upon completion of
program; $1,000 for Cosmetology or $500 for Barbering
or $500 for esthetics - Scholarship towards your tuition
at Empire Beauty School

New Hampshire Road Agents Association Scholarship                         2 @  $1,200                             Deadline:  April 6, 2018
Given to a graduating senior in the top 25% of his/her class;
attending a post-secondary school who is a son or daughter                            *Return directly to Address on Application
of a NH Road Agents Association in Danbury; must carry
a 2.5 GPA or higher
*Pick up Paper Applications in Guidance

 Robert Woodman Scholarship &
Philip Beland College Scholarship                                                      $500.00 each                        Deadline:  April 7, 2018
Graduating Seniors planning to attend college
for civil or environmental engineering or environmental

Andover Lions Club                                                                                $1,000                            Deadline:  April 13, 2018
Given to a graduating Senior with financial need
and strong academics who are residents of Andover or
Danbury, NH
Paper Applications Available in Guidance

Dunkin' Donuts Scholarships                                                         $2,500                        Deadline:  April 13, 2018
Open to qualified High school senior who is a 
current resident of NH and enrolling full-time at a 
post-secondary institution, including 4-yr., 2yr. or
or community technical college with a focus on business 
or food service-related fields, ie. hospitality, 
culinary arts or nutrition.  (NH Charitable Trust Foundation
to administer funds)

Franklin Savings Bank Scholarship:                                        Up to $2,000              Deadline:  April 13, 2018 
To provide scholarship assistance to selected high school                                                         TURN IN TO GUIDANCE!
graduating seniors at NRHS who attend college full time.
*Paper Applications Available in Guidance

Jacob Earl Messersmith Scholarship:                                 Up too $2,000            Deadline:  April 13, 2018 - 
Scholarship to benefit a student seeking a degree in                                                                  TURN IN TO GUIDANCE!
highter education.  Open to all seniors with special
consideration given to a graduate pursuing higher
education in the arts.
*Paper Applications Available in Guidance

AFT - 2018 Honey Cascio Scholarship                                 $1,000                            Deadline:  April 15, 2018
Offered to a graduating senior who has been
accepted at an institution of higher learning;
*Applicant's parent/guardian must be a 
current member of AFT-NH.  Winner must
provide proof of enrollment in college
*Paper Application in Guidance

AIA New Hampshire-NH Architecture Foundation             $500 - $3,000          Deadline:  April 15, 2018
Given to a graduating senior accepted to an undergraduate
degree program accredited by the National Architectural
Accrediting Board OR students attending Keene State College
Architecture Undergraduate Pre-professional program AND
students enrolled in the NHTI (Concord) Architecture
Engineering Technology program

For graduating seniors planning to pursue studies in the             $1,000                            Deadline:  April 15, 2018
field of Special Education and who intend to have careers
in the education & preparation of people with specifjc
needs, such as those with Down Syndrome.  Academic
achievement, financial need, community involvement and
evidence of a strong interest in this field shall be rewarded

 NH Charitable Foundation Scholarship                     Multiple Amounts      `         Deadline:  April 15, 2018 (4 yr. applicants) 
We are committed to finding and funding the most promising students with the           June 15, 2018 (2 yr.  apps, GED & Cert.)
 greatest financial need. Scholarships are awarded to students for professional 
certificate programs, licensure, two- and four-year undergraduate degrees and
 graduate school. 

Center for the Arts Scholarships                                        $1,000                                Deadline:  April 15, 2018
Non-profit Center for the Arts that 
provides scholarships to students living in                                                              *Mail directly to Committee
Danbury, who are pursuing interests in the arts:
Literature, drama, dance, music or visual arts.
The Lang Scholarship is awarded to a 
graduating senior who will be going to
college to study in the arts.

NH Gay Men's Chorus                                                          $1,000                             Deadline:  April 16, 2018
A graduating senior and NH resident with
plans to attend college and major in
the performing arts as a full-time

Franklin Emblem Club #105                                                 $450                               April 16, 2018
Given to a graduating senior of Franklin High
School, Winnisquam High School and 
NRHS furthering his/her education who shows                                                               *Mail Directly to Committee
financial need, academic promise and is active in
extracurricular activities
*Paper applications available in Guidance

Bristol Rotary Club Scholarship                                                     $6,000           Deadline:  April 20, 2018
Full-time graduating student - Attended NRHS
for past 2 years; planning to attend 2 or 4 year                                                                *Return to Guidance by Deadline
college or school that is accredited post-secondary
school; must have maintained a "C" or 2.0 GPG;
All applicants will be interviewed by a Rotary 
Committee Member(s)
*Paper applications available in Guidance

Lakes Region Board of REALTORS:                                   $1,500                           Deadline:  April 20, 2018
One deserving student shall be picked from each of the 
12 area public High Schools in the Lakes Region Community.
*Paper applications available in Guidance

NH Electric Co-op Foundation Scholarship                 $1,500.                        Deadline:  April 20, 2018
Applicant must be a senior, enrolled or planning to
enroll in an accredited undergraduate educational
or training institution.  Applicant must be a member
of the NH Electric Co-op or be residing with a parent
or legal guardian who is a member of the N.H.
Electric Co-op region.  Apply Directly to NH Electric Co-op

Franklin, NH Elks Lodge #1280                                                                       $500.00 each                Deadline:  April 27, 2018  (Extended)!
Given to a graduating senior or alumni showing
financial need, academic promise and who is engaged
in extracurricular activities
*Application available in Guidance

Blakeley-Mills Newfound Regional Scholarship       Various Amts.           Deadline:  May 1, 2018
Given to a graduating senior who is a full-time student
who has attended NRHS for past 2 years, planning to 
attend a 2-year or 4-year college, technical school or 
apprenticeship program
*Paper Applications available in Guidance;

Cardigan Lodge Scholarship                                              $1,000                          Deadline:  May 1, 2018
Given to a graduating senior who is planning to
obtain A TRADE OR VOCATION/TECHNICAL                                                     RETURN TO GUIDANCE
EDUCATION (2 or 4 year).
*Paper application available in Guidance

Joseph T. Gnerre Memorial Music Scholarship          $1,000 - $3,500           Deadline:  May 1, 2018
Given to one or more graduating seniors who will be
pursuing a degree in the field of Music.  Students may
major or minor in the field of Music.
*Paper applications available in Guidance

2018 Manchester Artist Association High School Senior Scholarship     $500.00          Deadline:  May 1, 2018      
Established to provide fellowship, education and incentive to artists who are engaged or 
interested in the pursuit of fine art. Each year MAA awards a $500 scholarship to an 
outstanding high school senior who is pursuing post-secondary education and a career 
in the fine arts.
*Paper applications available in Guidance

Manning & Zimmerman Scholarship                                     $1,000                                    Deadline:  May 1, 2018
Awarded to two graduating seniors in NH
who enroll in any type of secondary education or                             *May be filed Online or by Paper Application
vocational/technical school, in or out of state
*Paper applications available in Guidance

New Hampshire Soccer Coaches Association:
Amy Dutton Memorial Scholarship                                          Various Amounts            Deadline:  May 1, 2018
Given to a graduating male or femal senior varsity
soccer player
*Application available in Guidance

Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc.                         $3,000 +               Deadline:  April 3-Early
Four year scholarships to students with financial need who                                                                                May 1-Regular
show high academic achievement, commitment to serving 
others, strong work ethic, plans for achieving goals/leadership            *Fill out & submit online

William O. Grout Scholarship                                                                $1,500.00                 Deadline:  May 2, 2018
Any graduating senior planning to continue their 
education at any two or four year college                                                                          *Turn in to Guidance
*Application Available in Guidance

John and Eleanor Cordon Scholarship                                          $ Various Amounts             Deadline:  May 4, 2018
Available to graduating seniors of NRHS and Plymouth
Regional High School who might not otherwise receive                                                 *Turn in to Guidance by Deadline!
financial help in their pursuit of higher education.  It
is the wish of this trust that the funds be used for other 
than the very top academic students.  It is also the wish of
the trust not to exclude the top students.
*Paper Applications Available in Guidance

Timothy R. Mahurin/Winter Carnival Memorial Scholarship                       $250                 Deadline:  May 5, 2018
Given to a graduating senior who must have attended 
Newfound for at least two years, must have been accepted at                                                         *Turn in to Guidance by Deadline!
an institution for two or more years of study; a member in good                                                 
standing; a person of good character and maintain an above average
GPS; participation in sports and community involvement
*Paper Application Available in Guidance

Marcus E. Moulton Memorial Scholarship                            $500.00                                    Deadline:  May 8, 2018
Awarded to a graduating senior at NRHS who
has been accepted in a college or post-secondary                                                                            *Turn in to Guidance by Deadline!
program with an emphasis on auto mechanics, 
fabrication, visual arts, veterinary science or
fish and game conservation 
*Paper Application Available in Guidance

The Edna F. Powers Memorial Scholarship                        Various Amounts                   Deadline:  May 15, 2018
Awarded to a graduating senior who attended 
Danbury Elementary School for at least 
3 years, who is a student in good academic standing, and                                                *Apply directly to Scholarship Committee
who is a community volunteer who is planning to attend 
a post-secondary college program and is in need of 
some financial assistance.
*Paper Application Available in Guidance

Marine Corps League-Lakes Region Detachment-506                  Various Amounts               Deadline:  May 15, 2018
Offered to a graduating senior  who is a spouse, child or 
grandchild of  U.S. Marine or Navy Corpsmen attached to
Marine units or Marine or Navy Corpsmen veterans.         
*Paper Application also available in Guidance  

*RE-ADDED:  Bristol Rotary Club - Burt Williams Vocational 
Education Award                                                                                $2000                Deadline:  May 17, 2018
Awarded to a graduating senior of one of the supporting
town in the NASD; acceptance at a vocational program or                                            *Turn in to Guidance
a state recognized certification program; Must be a U.S.
Citizen with "C" or better (3.0 or higher on a 5.0 scale,
or 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale).
*Paper applications available in Guidance

Mark A. Richardson Memorial Scholarship                                   Various Amounts            Deadline:  May 16, 2018
Offered to any graduating NRHS senior pursuing
a post-secondary 2 or 4 year education.  Awarded to a                                     *RETURN APPLICATION TO GUIDANCE
student who played one or more years of football and/or
baseball at NRHS.
*Paper Application Available in Guidance  

Bristol House of Pizza Scholarship (BHOP)                                         *$500.00            Deadline:  May 18, 2018
Offered to a graduating senior planning to further his/her 
education beyond high school.  It is preferred that the                                     *Return Application to Guidance
qualified student be entering the field of culinary arts or
training for the food service industry.
*Paper Application in Guidance

The Jane Casazza Herman Memorial Scholarship
of the Newfound Teachers' Union                                                        $250-$500                Deadline:  May 18, 2018
Given to a graduating senior who plans to enter the
field of education OR a graduating senior who is enrolled
in a program leading to teacher certification
*Paper Application in Guidance                                                        *RETURN TO GUIDANCE BY DEADLINE

Bristol Lions Club Community Service Award                              $500.00                        Deadline:  May 19, 2018
Awarded to a graduating senior planning to further
his or her education, and who has shown a personal                                  *RETURN COMPLETED INFORMATION 
commitment to community service & high achievement                                    TO MR. COFRAN
grades during junior and senior years
*Paper Application in Guidance

Isobel Blodgett Charitable Educational Trust
Scholarship                                                                                                  Up to $6,200               Deadline:  May 19, 2018
Open to any graduating senior from NRHS who is a 
resident of Hebron or Bristol, who is planning to go
on to college.  Application in Guidance
*Return to Guidance Office by May 16, 2018

UCA Scholarship (Unified Caring Association)                          10-1st place - $333                Deadline:  May 22, 2018
                                                                                                                        10 - Honorable Mentions:  $100 
Available to All High School Students - submit an 
essay on how caring and kindness can be 
implemented more in your personal and your                                            *Apply Online through link
school.  Must be 500-550 words.  See Application
page for instructions.
*Application Instructions Also Avail in Guidance       

Ruth S. Joyce Scholarship for Boys                                                       $500 - $2,500            Deadline:  May 25, 2018
Available to a graduating senior from NRHS or
New Hampton Prep school.  Senior must be a 
resident of New Hampton and attended the                                        *Apply directly to the Committee Member Referenced
New Hampton Community School and/or the                                        in cover letter 
Newfound Memorial Middle School.  Open to
both college-accepted students and those who may
be pursuing a trade in a recognized program such
as electrical, plumbing or other certificate-baring programs.
*Paper Application Available in Guidance

Sarah Dow MacGregor Scholarship                                           Various Amounts               Deadline:  May 31, 2018
Given to a graduating senior who has resided in
New Hampton for the previous two years who plans                           *Send Directly to Committee by Deadline
on attending college.  
*Paper Application Also Available in Guidance

AES Engineer Scholarship:                                                               $500.00                                Deadline:  October 6, 2018
Scholarships are intended for our future leaders across a wide 
spectrum of fields of study. This award is available to high school
seniors and all students attending a post secondary educational facility.

Good luck!