Extended Learning Opportunities

Newfound Area School Board policies IHBH and IMBC allow students to earn credit or course placement based on their demonstration of course competencies. Please refer to the policies on the district website for additional information pertaining to Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs).

Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs): ELO’s are an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and experience outside the traditional classroom while still meeting core competencies. ELO’s involve four components: research, reflection, product, presentation. Students must work with the ELO Coordinator to craft a written Individualized ELO Student Plan (ESP). This plan must articulate how competencies will be reached that meet or exceed the academic standards of a specific course offered by Newfound Regional High School, or for a course that is more advanced or not offered at NRHS. This plan must also identify the team responsible for the ELO which includes the student, ELO Coordinator and a Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT). Ideally, this team will also involve a community stakeholder or mentor. The ELO team must complete the following:

• A brief narrative, written by the student, that summarizes the ELO

• The course name, credit amount desired (one or half) and complete list of competencies for that specific course

• Specific and measurable objectives and/or activities that include clear performance expectations aligned with the stated competencies

• Clearly defined expectations and methods for proficiency assessment in the identified individual course competencies 

• A timeline for completion of the course of study, including the date of the final presentation of the completed ELO