The members of the Newfound Regional High School Guidance Department help students reach success in their academic program, post-secondary planning, and personal life.  There are many factors that impact a student’s academic performance and personal behavior.  By providing access to various school and community resources, guidance helps students make the choices that will lead to professional and personal success.  Students are encouraged to utilize guidance services individually and through the comprehensive guidance program which addresses the needs of students at each grade level. 

The Newfound Regional High School Guidance Department is committed to using an outreach model as one means of providing guidance to our students.  Classroom instruction ensures that all students receive the information about available resources for personal well being and career planning.  We believe that the information offered through these programs is a valuable part of each student’s education and therefore is integrated into the school program.  These programs are continually adjusted to more effectively meet the needs of our students.

Students and their parents are encouraged to meet and communicate with the Guidance Office as needed. Individual meetings are another service that the Guidance Department provides and we strongly advise students to take advantage of these opportunities.

Newfound Regional High School affords students a wide array of classes and programs to choose from. Each year students will meet with their Guidance Counselors to determine upcoming academic schedules and plan for post-secondary aspirations. 


CEEB# 300060

Department Staff

Monica Jackson, Guidance Counselor (All Seniors, Grades 10 & 11 N-Z)
(603) 744 - 6006, Ext 1506

Chelsea Abare, Guidance Counselor (All 9th Graders, Grades 10 & 11 A-M)
(603) 744-6006, Ext 1505

Kali Dore, Student Assistance Counselor
(603)744-6006, Ext. 1504

Valerie Gallagher, Registrar & Guidance Secretary
(603) 744-6006, Ext 1503