Welcome Back!

 Although it is hard to say goodbye to Summer we hope everyone is well rested and ready to have a great school year! We would like to take the opportunity to welcome back our returning students as well as any new students that may be new to our school.  We are also looking forward to getting to know the incoming 6th grade class.  We will continue to use the website as a way to keep parents and students informed of the activities and services the Guidance Department will be offering.  Please check back periodically and feel free to contact the Guidance office with any questions or concerns.  Just a quick reminder to please remember to call the school if your child will be absent for the day. Also, if your child's afterschool plans change, please send a note only if they are riding a different bus. Jeanne Tehven, Guidance Secretary can be reached at (603) 744-8162 Ext. 101. Lets have a great year!     

                                                                                 Meet Our Counselors

Alyssa Keegan, LICSW, will be working with 6th grade students whose last name begin with N-Z as well as 7th and 8th grade students.
Mrs. Keegan will be available Mondays thru Fridays to students. Parents/Guardians please feel free to contact Mrs. Keegan at (603) 744-8162 Ext. 104 or via email at akeegan@sau4.org

Trisha Lewis, M.Ed., is not only the Assistant Principal at NMMS but is also a key component to our Guidance team.  This year she will be working with 6th grade students whose last name begin A-M as well as 7th and 8th grade students.  Parents/Guardians please feel free to contact Mrs. Lewis at 744-8162 Ext. 103 or via email at tlewis@sau4.org

                                                                                     What Do We Do?

                                                         School-wide Initiatives
The Guidance team is committed to making the students of NMMS to be the best that they can be.  Periodically the Guidance team in conjunction with the Staff and Administration may incorporate school- wide initiatives that might be focused on academic success, anti-bullying, drug and alcohol prevention or community building among the staff and students , to name a few.  Stay tuned for upcoming events or activities that may be taking place.

                                                                                            Lunch Groups
This school year we will continue to provide guided Lunch Time Guidance Learning Activities.  We are dedicated to providing social and emotional learning experiences for your middle school child to help foster relationship skills, promote pro-social life skills, develop critical thinking and application skills, as well as develop an overall positive developmental education experience. 

The purpose of the Guidance Groups is to support your child around a challenge either they or you have brought to our attention or as mentioned by a concerned staff member.  These groups meet during lunch and your child will miss no class time by participating.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel your child would benefit from this opportunity.

                                                                                          Individual Support
We are always available to meet with students individually to provide academic, emotional and/or social support.  In addition, we can assist students and families obtain other resources they may need.

                                                        Bullying Information
NMMS continues to be committed to providing various anti-bullying initiatives.  The School Climate Committee and the Upstander Alliance will continue to focus on raising awareness about bullying and cyberbullying issues.  The Administration, Staff and Students are working together to make NMMS a safe place for everyone.  If you have any questions or concerns about bullying or cyberbullying issues do not hesitate to contact us.

For parents who may be looking for additional resources on bullying/cyberbullying please see the following: