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Welcome to the Newfound Memorial Middle School athletics page.

Below is the online registration for student/athletes. It is our hope this will make it easier for parents to turn in the required paperwork for the student.

All paperwork must be done one week prior to tryouts to allow time to download and merge documents and to make sure all the required paperwork has been done properly so the student/athlete will be eligible to participate in the tryouts.

Forms that need to be completed at the beginning of the school year or the the first season that the student is looking to participate in - Fall, Winter or Spring.

***Forms for Fall sports will be available Monday 7/31***

To be completed before each season of sports that the student is participating in:

 1. Consent Form

 2. Transportation Form

These will only need to be filled out once for the school year:(Fall sports is the start of the new school year, all these forms need to be completed)

 3. Student Health Form - Different than what the school nurse requires

 4.1. 2016-2017 Student/Athlete Handbook(Please review) 

 4.2. Student/Athlete Handbook Acknowledgement page(last page of handbook)

 5. Concussion Acknowledgement

Sports News

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