Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher                 Betsy Vogler

About me: I am a graduate of the University of New Hampshire.  I went into teaching because I love working with kids!   My own children attended the Newfound Area  School district from K-12.  My goals have been to teach students basic life skills they can use in their future. 

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Overview: Family and Consumer Sciences at NMMS is designed to be exploratory in nature. Students will take a hands on, interdisciplinary approach in exploring the areas of foods and nutrition, consumer education, family living, friendships, wellness, decision making and clothing and textiles.

  Grade 6

: Students will explore the world of nutrients, study the nutritional value of snack foods and learn to make simple recipes in the food laboratory. They also will work on decision making skills while performing in group plays. The banking unit encourages teens to be wise consumers. Hand sewing is taught in the form of string art pictures.


Grade 7

: Students spend an extensive time studying about family styles and friendships. Communication skills are practiced. Friendship bracelets and/or key chains are taught as part of our sewing unit. Students investigate the world of fast foods. Meal preparation is much more elaborate as students plan, prepare and serve their own meals in groups.

Grade 8

: Students in grade 8 have a completely hands on program. Students will study the history of clothing. They also complete a SOLE project making an item on the sewing machine.  . Foreign foods exploration is part of the nutrition unit. Foods and customs of different cultures are explored followed by a foreign food feast planned, prepared and served by the class.




Classwork =40%

Labs, quizes, projects =40%

Behavior= 20%

(be on time, be prepared, be respectful)