Jonathan D Hanley
Physical Education Teacher
Newfound Memorial Middle School
155 North Main St.
Bristol NH 03222
(603) 744-8162 Ext.365

Physical Education program at NMMS promotes optimum physical, mental, emotional and social development through numerous activities and sports that all students can pursue and enjoy throughout their lives.

Students participate in - Health related physical fitness where students challenge themselves to improve their flexibility through stretching, muscular strength and endurance through push-ups and crunches, cardiovascular strength and endurance through various aerobic activities.

Other Sports and activities include:

Ultimate Frisbee   Soccer

Basketball           Flag Football

Volleyball            Floor Hockey

Lacrosse             Badminton

Capture the flag    Whiffle ball

Tennis                Handball

Rope Climbing     

Physical Education is a success driven program with emphasis on making physical activity enjoyable. The goal is to give the students the basic skills to make physical fitness/ activity fun and rewarding. Physical fitness is a personal commitment and takes effort by the individual not the group in order to improve the student's physical well being.   Students will be given the knowledge necessary to participate in physical activities outside the school setting and possibly establish a lifelong appreciation for physical activity.

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