Search Tools

The Library at WMRHS houses Three Primary Search Tools. 

  1. The Library Card Catalog (which provides information on the Library's current holdings)
  2. The EBSCO Database of Periodicals (which contains assess to thousands of Periodicals both current and historical) 
  3. The Inter-Library Loan Program (which will allow you to order books from any of the participating libraries in NH)

Searching Tips.

Know the Difference between Subject Headings and Keywords: 
  1. Subject Headings are controlled words assigned to resources by librarians. 
    1. They should be used first in a search think of them as getting you into the correct room. 
    2. They are assigned out of a book. (Scroll down to see this book.)
    3. They prevent you from getting a source which uses a synonym of the word you want. 
  2. Keywords are groups of letters found by the computer in any information it has on the source. 
    1. Use these to narrow down the results from the subject search. 
    • Remember a computer does not understand language:
      • If you are looking for information on the German monetary denomination "a Mark" and you use it as a Keyword, you will get every source dealing with "Mark" this includes every book written by Mark Twain. 
Don't ask computers Questions:
  • Instead put your search into context: ask for the categories your search is a part of. 
  • Try different subject headings (categories) with your keywords. 
Look to end up with between 10-20 results: