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Magic Squares

The Yuan Dynasty Double Six Magic Square:
The iron plate to the left is inscribed with Arabic numbers in a six by six grid. It was excavated from the palace of Prince Anxi in the eastern suburbs of Xi'an.  To the right you see a translation of those numbers.    Notice that if you add any of the columns, rows, or diagonals it totals 111.  There is also a smaller 4x4 magic square in the middle.  Can you find it?   (photos, information taken from http://hua.umf.maine.edu/China/Xian/Shaanxi_History/pages/284_History_Museum.html)

The problem:
Use the digits 1-9 to create a 3x3 magic square.  That is, place the digits in a tic-tac-toe like board, being certain that all rows, columns, and diagonals add up to the same total.    

Can you find more than one solution? 

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