Welcome to the Enfield Station School Title I page.  

Enfield Station School is now a school-wide Title I program and what that means is that our Title I staff are able to work with all students in all grades K-5.  We will be sending home monthly some fun activities and ideas to help your child in all subject areas.  Please remember to ask your child to share these with you. 

The activity for September in Literacy is a simple reading practice.  Write short notes to your children and leave them around the house or write reminders.  (For example, "Please hang me up. Signed, Your Towel").  Other suggestions are notes about good behavior and treats left around the house.  Find unique places to put your notes.  Kids enjoy discovering the notes and reading them aloud. 

The math activity for September is one that makes fractions fun!  Fold paper towels or napkins into large and small fractions.  Start with halves and move to eighths and sixteenths.  Use magic markers to label the fractions.  For younger children, just do halves and quarters.

Enfield Station School emphasizes early literacy.  As students progress through our school, Title 1 Services are now available to all students who require assistance in reading and/or math in grades K-5.

We believe that parents play a primary role in the achievement of their children. We are always looking for parent input and new members for our parent committee.  If you are interested in being a part of this committee, please contact one of us by email or calling 732-4141.