The Resource Rooms at Penobscot Valley High School are taught by Jason Wright, M.Ed. and Susan Smithson, M.Ed. Mr. Wright is originally from Southern Maine and has taught in our district for the past six years. He is married and he and his wife are the proud “parents” of a Basset Hound named Salchiha- (Spanish for meat sausage) Both Mr. Wright and Mrs. Smithson are located in the high school – Mr. Wright in Room 117 and Mrs. Thomas in Room 104. You can contact them via e-mail and phone at the following: jason.wright@sau31.org, or 732-8339 and susan.smithson@sau31.org, phone to be announced!.

Mr. Wright is the case manager for all Special Ed. Juniors and Seniors. Mrs. Smithson is the case manager for all Special Ed. Freshmen and Sophomores. Mr. Wright is primarily responsible for all Math instruction, while Mrs. Smithson primarily responsible for English/Language Arts instruction. We are also fortunate that our department is able to provide a fine educational technician for study support services.
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