Enfield Station School

 Kindergarten Team

"All I ever needed to know I learned in kindergarten"

 - Robert Fulghum

Welcome to the Kindergarten program at Enfield Station School!

We are looking forward to a fabulous fall with your children in our Kindergarten.  We will greet children upon arrival on their first day, which is Wednesday, September 1, so we can take some pictures and help the kids ease into the day.  We ask that you say good-bye to your child in the gymnasium, which will make the transition earlier.

On the first day, your child will bring home a packet with informational forms for you to sign.  They should be returned by Friday, September 4.  Should you have any questions/concerns about any thing on the forms, please contact the office (732-4141).

Your child will need a backpack to transport school paperwork, projects, and books.  We ask that you check them daily.  Each child should also have a sturdy folder that can be used to protect papers,notes, etc, inside of the backpack.

The school has purchased some supplies, but we ask the kids to please bring in the following :                            a) a package of dry-erase markers;
                                            b) an 8-count package of Crayola crayons;
                                            c) two 2-packs of large glue sticks; and
                                            d) two 2-packs of small glue sticks.

Your child will also need a pair of sneakers to be used exclusively for Phys. Ed.  Velcro is desirable, but not necessary.  These sneakers can be left at school after use. Please write your child's name on any possession they bring to school with a permanent marker.  Many children operate under the concept of "If I see it, it's mine".As the kids will be having a rest time daily, bringing in a small towel or blanket might make them more comfortable.  You should also send in a set of fresh clothing, including undergarments, in case there are accidents in the classroom or playground.  Please put these garments in a Ziplock bag and put your child's name on it.

This year, we are making a major push to help kids chose healthy foods, so we are encouraging you to please send in healthy snacks for snack time.  Please do not send in soda, and we would like to save cookies/cupcakes for special occasions.  We sometimes have animal crackers and other such items available.

We look forward to working with your children, and with your support, we can make this a truly outstanding start to your child's school career.

                                                                                    Ms. Ireland
                                                                                    Mr. Libby

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