Silver Cord Program

The Silver Cord Program at Woodsville High School consists of:
Volunteering and Community Service - and certain Extracurricular Activities

Woodsville High School Silver Cord Program

Information and Guidelines

What is the Silver Cord Program:

Woodsville High School’s mission statement proclaims WHS graduates will contribute in a positive way to their school and community.  In an effort to help our students meet this expectation, WHS has decided to implement the Silver Cord Program.  Students who choose to participate in the program will benefit the community and develop their own leadership and citizenship skills.  The Silver Cord Award is a distinguished volunteer service award available to all Woodsville High School students who earn the following minimum volunteer hours over four years (remaining years of high school):

* Starting with the Class of 2018:   100 hours will be the minimum required.

Seniors who meet the required number of hours will be eligible to wear a Silver Cord at graduation.

Students may begin accumulating hours following graduation of the 8th grade.  Forms are available on the WHS webpage.  Forms may be submitted electronically at any time throughout the school year.  All forms should be turned in by May 1st of that school year.  Seniors must have all forms in by May 1st for consideration of graduation with the Silver Cord honor.

Silver Cord Info and Guidelines