Woodsville High School's Mission Statement, Core Values and Beliefs about Learning and Academic, Civic and Social Expectations

Woodsville High School Mission Statement,
Core Values and Beliefs about Learning and
Academic, Civic and Social Expectations


In keeping with its century-old tradition and sense of community, Woodsville High School values all students and provides them with diverse opportunities and a well rounded education to help prepare them to become responsible, productive citizens in an ever changing world beyond high school.

Core Values

The community, students and faculty believe these to be our core values and beliefs about what is most important in every student’s education at Woodsville High School.

We are committed to the following beliefs about learning:

  1. Students need to be able to apply knowledge that they have gained over their years of education to become:

    • Effective problem solvers, who utilize creativity and critical thinking skills to reach solutions.
    • Respectful and honest individuals who take responsibility for their actions.
    • Effective communicators in speaking and writing.
    • Individuals who understand their role as socially responsible to the world around them.
  2. All students will have an opportunity to be successful in their learning when

    • The school provides a safe and friendly atmosphere in which to learn and grow in all areas.
    • Our challenging curriculum provides opportunities for diverse experiences with high expectations for all students in all areas.
    • Our school provides opportunities to apply new knowledge to life opportunities and situations beyond the classroom walls.

Academic Expectations

All WHS graduates will…

  1. Demonstrate skills in critical thinking and problem solving by showing ability to gather, assess and use information to make connections.

  2. Be effective communicators, who will be able to use a variety of modes to express ideas.

  3. Be practical learners who can recognize when and how to use current tools and technology.

Civic & Social Expectations

All WHS graduates will…

  1. Contribute in a positive way to their school and community to demonstrate respect for self, others and their environment.

  2. Take responsibility for their behavior and education as citizens in a democratic society.

  3. Understand the concepts of taking responsibility for one's own actions and will accept the consequences of their actions.