A History of Woodsville High School


Jillian Mason, the creator of this site,  is a member of the Woodsville High School class of 2017. Born in Woodsville, New Hampshire, she has never lived anywhere else but the Haverhill area. After spending all of her years in the SAU 23 school district, she decided to dedicate her time to researching the school that has felt like a second home to her. Below is an excerpt from her website, “Woodsville High School: A History”, that details just why she undertook this project, and what her goals are through doing it.

“My main goal was to create a website that chronicles every major change and event that has happened in Woodsville High's existence. Of course, with an institution that was formed in 1896, I would never be able to tell every single story that my school has to share, but I was able to point out some of the highlights that help make this school great. My hope is that this website can be used to lure people to the area, or inspire them to decide that Woodsville is the type of institution that needs to be protected. The ever-looming budget cuts that my beloved school is facing are what inspired me to kick my project into gear, for I know that the best way to help is by doing something that I am already passionate about (in my case, it is historical research). Perhaps hearing tales of a grand school will lure new families to the area, helping not only the high school, but the town as a whole. I fear that losing the high school would be losing the most critical, influential part of Woodsville. Little towns across the United States are all centered around and influenced by their high schools; Woodsville, New Hampshire is no different. This is how I plan on giving back to Woodsville High: by telling her story, and spreading it as far as I can. Maybe, just maybe, then I will be able to preserve some of the proud history and integrity that make this old gal what she is: a great place to go to school.”