The Woodsville Popcorn Company is run by FBLA, Youth and Government, and The Woodsville Whistler media crew under the direction of Scott Nichols. We aim to sell popcorn popped and bagged each week by the volunteers and student helpers of those organizations. As this company is just starting up the flavors we will sell are buttered and white cheddar. As we grow we plan to also grow the flavors and our market. A portion of all proceeds will go towards the benevolent fund which helps students succeed in high school by offering help in whatever they need including school supplies, tutoring, or class dues. 

Salt and Butter 
White Cheddar 
Flavors we hope to have in the future: 
Hot and Spicy 
Fruit Punch 
White Chocolate 

Price: 1 dollar per bag. 

A special thanks to Mrs. Farr for allowing Wodsville Popcorn Co. to use her popcorn machine! 

You Rock!