Woodsville High School's Youth & Government

We will be meeting the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:45 AM


As of right now, the State Model Legislature will be April 10-11th, 2015

The YMCA Youth & Government program in New Hampshire celebrates over 60 years of history. The program serves 300 teens from 30 schools throughout New Hampshire. The program takes place in March/April and is held at the state capitol. Here students have an opportunity to experience state government by electing their own youth officials. Elected officials include: Governor, House Speaker, Senate President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Other delegates participate as members of the House and Senate, Executive Council, Supreme Court, Lobbyists or Press Corp. Students are responsible for writing their own legislation prior to arriving in Concord. This legislation is compiled into a Billbook from which the work of the House and Senate committees is derived. 

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