Meet the teacher.

Stephanie Marston is a graduate of the University of Hartford with a BFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Ceramics. She is a self proclaimed "Jack of All Trades" and loves create art using a multitude of medias. Her first teaching position was at Manchester West High School, in Manchester, NH. She has been the Art Teacher at Woodsville High School since 2008 and enjoys continuing the strong Fine Art tradition started by her predecessor Dale Fied. Please click here for her full CV/Resume and feel free to email her at stmarston@sau23.org.

Teaching Philosophy:

As the sole Art Educator for Woodsville High School I believe it is my duty as a teacher and an artist to expose my students to as much culture and "hands-on-learning" experiences as much as possible. 

My hope is by completing the various art courses offered at Woodsville High School my students will then be able to take the skills learned during art and apply them to their other courses and every day lives. 

By creating visual art, writing about artist and methods, and following technical instructions students will gain the skill set needed to channel their creativity and communicate ideas  and passions to their community. 

I will also be one of the teachers this year piloting the use of the school wide rubrics that will be implemented in the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. Please feel free to view the parent letter and school wide rubrics here. 

Mrs. Marston's Plan Book