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If we as Teachers want to learn how to use a Computer, I-Pod, Video Camera, Cell Phone, or a Social Network, make movies and post them to the internet, or most anything technology related, I learned one way to learn is to ask a 16 year old. Most teens today know how to use technology for social activities. We as adults can learn from them.          
                                                               (Check Out these Videos)

    1.        Teaching the 21st Century Learner                                                         

   2.       Learning to Change-Changing to Learn    

When I was working on my Masters of Technology in Education from Lesley University, one of my Professors introduced himself to the class with this statement. 

"Technology is like a never ending escalator. You can stand at the bottom, cross 
your arms and complain how long it is and never step on. Believe me, school districts are 
full of those people. I don't know whether you are stepping on at the first step or the 
100th, but hang on and enjoy the ride. Thanks for stepping on. Let's go!"

The students of today simply learn differently then the way we did. They need to know how
to use technology to compete in the 21st century and it is part of our job to help them reach
that goal.

The Students in the classrooms of today live in a very fast-paced world. They are great at
In the United States, most kids use technology in their lives out of school, then they come to 
school and use it in a very limited fashion. They are known as "Digital Natives"

Digital Students @ Analog Schools ---> http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=1184

I would really like to encourage all Teachers in SAU-23 to learn and make use of some
technology in your classrooms. It does not have to be a huge project, please just take some

If anyone would like help making a classroom website or creating a classroom activity online, 
feel free to contact me.

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