Dear Parents and Students, 

I am excited to return to the Woodsville High School community for a second yeart, and I am looking forward to getting to know all of my students' hopes, dreams, and aspirations! So that you can get to know me as well, I will share some information with you here. This is my eighth year teaching science.   I am originally from Piermont NH, and attended Hanover High School. After graduating UNH with a degree in biology in 2004, I was commissioned into the US Army Reserves as a Second Lieutenant. 
I married another LT and we moved to Texas and had two children. After four years, we moved back to New Hampshire and I started teaching at Bedford High School in 2009. I earned my Master's degree in Science Teaching from Plymouth State University in 2012, and we relocated to the Upper Valley in 2013 after I accepted a two year teaching position at Hanover High School. During this time, I elected to leave the Army Reserves as a Captain in order to focus on family and career. 

This year, the science department is working as a team to become more competency based. This means that all of the course curriculum will be organized into 3-4 main areas of focus (or competencies). Students will need to demonstrate understanding (passing grade) in each competency in order to pass the course as a whole. Physical science will be completely competency based, with other courses moving in this direction in the near future. Competencies are designed to make courses more engaging and authentic, while simultaneously holding students more accountable for their own learning. 

Below is my contact information and course schedule for your convenience. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns as we move through this school year together. Thank you for the opportunity to teach your children. I value your input and support in this process.

Rachael DiGiovanni
603-747-2781 ext. 118

Block 1A- CP Physical Science
Block 1B- CP Physical Science
Block 2- CP Chemistry in the Community
Block 3- Teacher Prep
Lunch B
Block 5-  Study Hall
Block 6- Honors Chemistry (RS)