Michael J. Thompson

Work Phone: 603-787-2100 x 34

Email: mthompson@sau23.org

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I am available for parent conferences either by phone or in person with advanced notice before and after regular school hours. The best way to reach me is via email.

About me: 
     I have been working at HCMS since 2013, starting off as an Instructional Aid before moving into the Technology Education position. I grew up locally, graduated WHS in 1996, and moved back to the area in 2012 after spending about ten years in Minneapolis. I live in Haverhill with my wife, two young children, two cats, and some tropical fish. I enjoy cycling, gardening, and experimenting with technology. I hold a Bachelor's Degree In Accounting from The University of Phoenix, and a Master's Degree in English from Southern NH University in Manchester, NH. I am a member of the New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education, as well as the National Association of Rocketry. I hold instructor credentials with the Civil Air Patrol, and the National Association of Rocketry,
     In our Tech Ed program we begin working on structures and basic rocketry in grade four. We look at what makes towers and bridges strong, and how they are designed to withstand earthquakes. We introduce our fourth graders to rocketry by having them assemble a water propelled rocket, and make determinations about it's launch using slow motion video. In grades five and six we move our focus to robotics where we begin in grade five by learning the basics of how the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics systems works, and transition to using robotics technology to solve real world problems in grade six. In grade seven we begin an exploration into model rocketry by constructing a solid fuel model rocket, then using 3D printer technology and design software to make nose cones for our rockets. We learn what makes rockets fly higher, and learn about using scientific data to measure success in an engineering design. In grade 8 we delve deeper into solid fuel model rockets, students design and construct solid fuel model rockets from component pieces including designing and 3D printing nose cones and fins. They develop a set of standards for design, as well as a "fair test" to determine the success of a given launch. Students in grade 8 do a significant amount of work with the data collected from their launches, and attempt to change the results in subsequent launches by altering their nose cone and fin designs. For more about our program at HCMS please take a look at the links to the left for the Prezi, and the Rockets & Robots Video. You can also find information about our program by checking out my blog (link above).