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Welcome to the
Haverhill Cooperative Middle School Library

Children Who Read,
Are the Ones Who Succeed!

If children read a little each day, it will improve their overall performance in school.  Encourage your child to check out a book today!

It is never too late to return that lost book.  Please help your child search carefully.  If it should suddenly turn up, please return it as soon as possible.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Can't find your book?  Look under your bed, in the back of the closet, under the couch, behind the curtains... think of the craziest place in the world that it might be, and then look there.  If it has a spine label and a barcode, it belongs to the library!  Good luck!


Cool Technology

Search EnginesWatch provides a list of major search engines and directories for kids - http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2048845/Kids-Search-Engines

Web Guide for Kids - http://kids.yahoo.com/

Search engine for kids to find information about people - http://www.sweetsearch.com/biographies

Search Engine to ask questions - http://www.askkids.com/

Internet Search Guide  - http://cybersleuth-kids.com/

Here you will find search forms for the major Internet search engines for kids. - http://www.ivyjoy.com/rayne/kidssearch.html

GREAT WEBSITES FOR KIDS, Sponsored by the American Library Association


Free Images - http://www.pics4learning.com/

Create Word Clouds - http://www.wordle.net

Free Downloadable For Audio Recording  - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Internet Safety Programs

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Porta Portal Research Site

I have pulled together in one place a variety of websites to help students and parents get more information about what students are learning at each grade and to help them with research projects.  Follow this link:

Resources for Students at Portaportal--At this site there is a different section for each grade level.  To access your grade level, you must enter a guest access name at the bottom right of the page.  To see 4th grade material, enter 4hcms.  To see 5th grade material, enter 5hcms.  To see 6th grade material, enter 6hcms. 

Scholastic Book Fair Online Shopping November 12 - 25, 2019

Please click on the link below to visit our Scholastic homepage. On this page scroll down to the middle of the page and click Shop Now to shop online. Thank you for your support.