Engineering Lesson: Product Design

Engineering doesn't have to be complicated!  It can be pretty simple!  But, one important requirement is that people need to WANT to think up new ways of doing things.  Without wanting a new solution, everything will just stay the same!  

Cardboard timeline

1817 - Single flat cardboard sheets

1856 - Pleated (corrugated) paper

1871 - Single sided pleated paper with a liner paper glued on one side.

1874 - Corrugated cardboard - double sided cardboard with pleated paper in between

1890 - Corrugated boxes which were pre-cut and foldable

1900s - Wooden boxes replaced by corrugated boxes

Post-it Notes timeline

1968 - Low “tack” glue invented by mistake

1977 - Press & peel bookmarks created using low tack glue

1979 - Post-it Notes created using low tack glue

New Product Design

With your partner, choose two separate items that could be manufactured together to solve a problem. Explain your thinking about how you chose the two items.  Then explain, in detail how “life” will be better with your new product design.