The mission of the Errol School Board is to support a safe and nurturing learning environment for our children.  The board will help to cultivate individual student success, positive self-esteem, self-motivation, a sense of responsibility and a respect for others.

Welcome 2017/2018 Students and Staff!

As we begin our new school year, we have many other "new" things --- new teaching assignments, new classrooms and lots of plans for new activities!  It has been a busy summer getting our classrooms and materials ready and planning activities and projects for the year and we are very excited about this school year.

Our student population is currently 16 students, with 4 in Mrs. Urso's K - 2 classroom, 6 in Mrs. Cotes 3 - 5 classroom, and 6 in Mrs. Vanderwolk's 6 - 8 classroom.  We have students in every grade this year.  

A few reminders and requests as we begin the year.  Please send in a complete set of clothes for your child in a zip lock bag, labeled with your child's name.  We may get messy or have a spill every so often and I want to make sure the students will change into dry comfortable clothes if necessary.  Also, an extra sweater or sweatshirt would be helpful because there are times when the classrooms get chilly.  A backpack or school bag to carry planners and homework or books home should be brought in daily.

Lunch forms are available near the student mailboxes and I will try to get them into mailboxes for the first few weeks.  After that, I will ask the students to bring one home each Friday.  Lunches and breakfasts should be prepaid each week --- not only so that Mrs. B. can keep her financials up to date but also so that she will have a correct count of who will be eating daily during the week.  Of course, if a lunch is forgotten or if a student decides they really must have the Fruit-a-licious offered for breakfast, they may pay with cash and we will certainly accommodate them  Remember that snacks, juice, water, and additional milk may also be purchased.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please call the school 482-3341.


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