The mission of the Errol School Board is to support a safe and nurturing learning environment for our children.  The board will help to cultivate individual student success, positive self-esteem, self-motivation, a sense of responsibility and a respect for others.

We're back!

After summer of conferences and meetings and cleaning and reorganizing rooms,  staff --- and students --- are back and have settled into the new school year.  The 2016/2017 year will be a busy one, with our focus on writing and STEM projects. We have all kinds of plans, projects and special activities planned and are looking forward to them.

Our student population is currently 13 students, with 6 in Mrs. Lane's K - 3 classroom and 7 in Mrs. Cotes 4-6.  We have no 7th or 8th grade students this year.  Although we are a small group, we will continue to work hard in classes, welcome our Senior's in for meals each week and support our deployed servicemen and women through letters and "care packages".  We will keep you posted!

ECS Calendar of Events