The mission of the Errol School Board is to support a safe and nurturing learning environment for our children.  The board will help to cultivate individual student success, positive self-esteem, self-motivation, a sense of responsibility and a respect for others.

We're back!

After summer of conferences and meetings and cleaning and reorganizing rooms,  staff --- and students --- are back and have settled into the new school year.  The 2016/2017 year will be a busy one, with our focus on writing and STEM projects. We have all kinds of plans, projects and special activities planned and are looking forward to them.

Our student population is currently 13 students, with 6 in Mrs. Lane's K - 3 classroom and 7 in Mrs. Cotes 4-6.  We have no 7th or 8th grade students this year.  Although we are a small group, we will continue to work hard in classes, welcome our Senior's in for meals each week and support our deployed servicemen and women through letters and "care packages".  We will keep you posted!


We are well into the 2015/2016 year, and a busy one it has been!

Mrs. Lane has 9 students in her K-3 grade class, and Mrs. Cote has 7 students in 4-8.  Since the Christmas break the kindergarten class has been attending full days, and the 3rd graders spend some of their time in Mrs. Cote's classroom.

We have had great success with our annual events including the Halloween Party, Christmas Play and Annual Book Fair. The Heifer Fund raising $250 and this year's Book Fair netted over $600 with the proceeds buying new books for the school library.

We continue to grow and explore all resources available to provide the best education possible for the Errol Consolidated School students.  

October Updates

Progress reports for the first trimester have gone out and we are currently meeting with parents who wish to have conference regarding their child's progress. 

 We have also completed our first series of testing for the fall, our NWEA/MAPS tests. All students in each grade level have been tested in math and language arts.  This year, we will not be taking the NECAP tests, which were the NH state standardized test --- the paper and pencil tests we have taken for years. Those tests are being replaced by the Smarter Balance tests which will be taken in the spring, and which will also be taken on either the computers or IPADS.

We are gearing up for our annual Halloween party, planning our games and baking for the cake walk.  We are also doing lots of pumpkin math and decorating!

Our Seniors are back on Thursdays for Senior meals and we have lots of activities planned for them, as well --- it is wonderful to have them back!


August 29

Welcome Back!

It is a new school year and we are so happy to have the students back in the building!  We have  made changes to the rooms and the bulletin boards, and we have a new lunch order form and billing system, which we hope will make things easier for everyone.  We are now working with the Common Core State Standards in all classes and will be using our new standards based report cards for  academic assessment and reporting at the end of each trimester.

But the most important changes are to the staff.  Mrs. Hall has left us to work in the town library and Donna Williams will now be my administrative assistant.  Ms. Saucier has also moved on and will be replaced by Martha VanderWolk. Please help me welcome them to the ECS family.

We are glad you are with us for what we expect to be a very busy, fun school year!

Kathy Urso                                                     

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