Computer Class Mrs. Campbell   

CARES: Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, Self- regulation

5A 4/21/17 Plagiarism, Citing Sources
Learning goals: use online resources to learn about plagiarism, citing sources

Directions: Please check out the Daily buzzword then

1) Please open my Links for Students in a new tab: right-click > Open Link in New Tab

2) Scroll to Bibliography/Citing Sources > Plagiarism Videos and watch the last one "Don't Plagiarizzle". (If it is too choppy, try it in Firefox - you can copy/paste the link or navigate through my home page again)

Here are the lyrics

3) Use the video and the lyrics to answer the questions in this quiz.

You may want to watch the video again and/or have the video open in one tab, the lyrics in another, and the quiz in another. 

4) After you SUBMIT the quiz, view your score. If you got any wrong, go back to the previous screen and "submit another response" and "view your accuracy" until you get them all correct. Show an adult your screen with your 10/10 score.

If you finish, choose from the following:

1) Check your Gmail and email your 6th grade email pal

2) Continue working on you Lowell Mill Girl project. Assignments is here

3) Go back to Links for Students > 
 Bibliography/Citing Sources > 
Cite Sources Videos 
and watch 
How to cite the source of images in docs and slides with Explore 2:28. Then o
pen a google doc or slide and try out what you saw in the vid. (you can also drag the url instead of copy/paste).

4) check out any of the links under these topics on my Links for Students page
Bibliography/Citing Sources
Cyber Safety Activities
Cyber Safety Videos
Earth Day