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The Newfields Elementary School Library is an excellent resource. It contains a large selection of books and magazines that will interest children in reading and learning about people, places, and ideas. The library resources are also used by teachers to supplement classroom studies.

On designated library days, students are assisted in learning how to use the library, choosing books for pleasure, and learning to look up information for special projects. Books and magazines can be borrowed for one week. Materials may be renewed, but must be brought to the library for renewal. Very popular books are available one week only, on a first-come, first-served basis. 

It is strongly recommended that students not lend books to others. If a student signs out a book or magazine, s/he is responsible for its care, return, and replacement cost if damaged or lost.

Library Guidelines:

  • Students with network log-ins may log into the card catalog and make lists, hold books and even write reviews. Books may by used in school or at home. Some students will find it easier to use books for reading at school only.
  • Kindergarten and first graders may borrow one book per week. Second, third, fourth and fifth graders may borrow two books per week.
  • Borrowing more materials for special reports can be arranged with the librarian and the classroom teacher.
  • Students are responsible for keeping books in good condition and returning them to school on their designated library day.
  • Books can be returned to the library any day at the teachers' discretion or kept within the classroom to avoid being lost or misplaced between classroom and library.
  • Reminders of overdue materials will be sent home.