Welcome to the fine art page for 
Main Street School.

Please visit your child's grade level to see what is happening in their art class.

This site will be updated with different art projects and events happening throughout the school year.  It will also display previous exhibits from last year. 

Mrs. Bird

"Today there are two kinds of basics. The first- reading writing and math- is the simple pre-requisite for a second, more complex, equally vital collection of higher level skills needed to function well in today's world. These basics include the ability to allocate resources; to work successfully with others; to find, analyze and communicate information; to operate increasingly complex systems of seemingly unrelated parts; and, finally, to use technology. The ARTS provide an unparalleled opportunity to teach those higher level basics... The learning is in the doing, and the ARTS allow students to do. NO OTHER EDUCATIONAL MEDIUM OFFERS THE SAME KIND OF OPPORTUNITY."
Paul W. Chellgren
President and CEO Ashland, Inc.