Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! 

I am so excited to begin this year and meet you for the first time.  For me,  English is about more than just reading and writing--it's about surrounding ourselves with stories that enrich our lives and understanding of the world.  I truly believe that we all have a story to tell, and even more so, that we can collectively learn from one another's stories.

I cannot wait to learn from you as we begin our yearlong journey as readers and writers.  As the year progresses, please make sure to check this website regularly for your weekly assignments.  To access your homework, place your cursor over your class (make sure to pay attention to the period number).  Wait for the drop down menu and then click on the homework page.  Make sure to check the homework section as often as possible.  Homework is updated by the end of Monday every week.  Also, don't forget to look at the classroom whiteboard for assignments and due dates! 

Have a wonderful year!

Ms. Catcher

Check out the NH Writer's Project! A great place to meet writer's, share work, and learn something new.

Currently Reading: Re-reading Jane Eyre, The Compound, Fahrenheit 451, and Nerve