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P.E. Teachers:
Katie McNamara, Meri Clemons, & Greg Dussol

PE News:

Welcome UNH Graduate Education Program intern Mackenzie Kraines! Mr. Kraines will be working with Mrs. Mac for the spring semester!
The Get Fit in May 5k and Fun Run sign up link is now available! Sign up HERE before the price increase in January!!!
The week of Nov. 26 - 30th ...
Beau Lambert from Rye Airfield Skateboard Park lent MSS skateboards and helmets to teach students skateboard safety! 
Mrs. Mac, Ms. Winn, Mrs. Clemons, & Mr. Dussol's PE classes will learn....

1. Skateboard Safety
2. Skills to ride on their Abdominals
3. Skills to ride on their knees
4. Balance
5. Transfer of skills to other board sports

All students wore a hair net, helmet, and had an opportunity to experience a skateboard.

To learn more about Rye Airfield and the Get On Board program, visit their website

Friday morning's at Main Street School are now even more exciting! 
At 8:35am each week, Mrs. Mac welcomes the students and staff to participate in a Jammin Minute, which is one minute of vigorous physical activity to fun music! 
After the Jammin Minute, Mrs. Mac provides the school with a 5210 fact about strategies for having a healthy day. 5210 is a daily recommendation for ...
5 fruits and/or veggies
2 hours of less of screen time
1 hour or more of physical activity
0 sugary drinks or food


Welcome to Main Street School UNH intern Samantha Winn!! She will be working with Mrs. Mac for the fall semester!

Welcome Meri Clemmons to Main Street School! She will be teaching at the school on Tuesdays and Fridays!


P.E. Units & Skills
Just Dance for the Wii
Winter Olympics
Floor Hockey
Sled Hockey & the Paralympics
Jump Rope For Heart
Party dances
Team Building Activites

Karate International will visit Main Street School in February!
Mr. Craig Wharem and Ms. C. will teach the students a variety of karate moves and skills which encourage self-discipline and respect. For more information about Karate International, visit their website HERE  !!

Activities: Students will learn mat skills such as balancing, jumping & landing, the three positions: tuck, pike, straddle; forward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, and tripod balance.
Students will also learn how to use gymnastics equipment safely such as the balance beam, parallel bars, climbing/swinging rope, rolling on the cheese (wedge) mat, climbing the cargo net and rock wall, as well as several other challenges!

Circus Stations:
Students learned: balancing, juggling, different movements related to the circus.
Activities: Students traveled through six stations related to the circus. 

Halloween Activities:
Students learned: Ghost Busters Tag - a cooperative tag game with fitness components. The Ghost Buster Dance and  the Thriller dance - two dances where students learned rhythm, beat, and coordination in dance.

Rugby & Football:
Students learned: about where Rugby and Football came from, how to move with the ball, how to throw and catch in each sport.

Students learned: About the game of cricket, where it is played, and basic rules. The skills focused on SAFETY, striking a ball off a tee, running between the "wickets," and throwing/catching!
Activities: Mini games of Cricket.

Students learned: Soccer dribbling, trapping, striking toward partners and the goal, and most importantly...HAVE FUN!

Activities: High Five Dribble Freeze Tag, Friend vs. Foe, British Bulldog Tag

Fitness Olympics:
Mr. Dussol and Mrs. McNamara's P.E. classes learned about FITNESS and working towards each individual's personal best. Students learned what fitness means and its importance.

All PE classes learn about goal setting and fitness in our Fitness Olympics Unit. Grade 2 students record their goal of the school year as well as their fitness findings in the fall and spring to see their improvement over the school year. It is a fun, team-building fitness activity!

1. strong muscles
(lifting heavy things)
2. Flexibility
(strong muscles)
3. Endurance
(running, jumping rope, moving for a long time without tiring)

For a look at the Personal Best Peer Assessment 2nd grade students completed
click  Here

Cooperative Team Building:
Students learned: Team building, problem solving, and communication skills.
Activities: The Partner Game, Pairs-add-on tag, Island Ball team initiative game.

Party dances!
1. cha-cha slide
2. chicken dance
3. cupid shuffle
4. macarena
5. P.E. version of the "Whip & Nae Nae"

1. Step with opposite foot
2. Palm up
3. Move arm straight back then straight forward
4. Follow through to pins

Through the Jump Rope For Heart program, students will:

  •    Learn the importance of the heart – how it works, and how to take care of it.
  • Help kids with special hearts.
  • Feel good for making a difference in people’s lives!
  • Learn how to keep their heart healthy through the PE jump rope curriculum!
Sports from around the world! Students in PE learned about Soccer (Futbol), Cricket, Rugby and the countries that created these sports: England, Singapore, Ireland.

Cooperation through Parachute activities.

 Student will be learning about the Paralympic games and the athletes that participate in those sports. Some examples of Paralympic sports are Sled Hockey, Goal Ball, and Sit Volleyball

 Mrs. McNamara's
P.E. Classes


Mrs. Frizzell
Mrs. Myers
Mrs. Nichols
Mrs. Taber 

Grade 1:
Ms. Barrows
Mrs. Deshon
Mrs. Fisher
Mrs. Hebert
Mrs. Jacobs
Ms. Lalonde
Mrs. Mills
Mrs. York

Grade 2:
Mrs. Baillargeon
Ms. Bell
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Gregg
Mrs. McCaffery

Mrs. McNamara's & UNH Intern Ms. Winn's 
Current Unit: 

Floor Hockey/Ice Hockey Skills

Mr. Dussol's 
MSS P.E. Classes

Mrs. Larrabee

Grade 2:
Mrs. Jackson
Mrs. Peters
Mrs. Welch

Mr. Dussol's 
Current Unit:

Basketball Skills

Mrs. Clemons's
P.E. Classes

Mrs. Buinicky
Ms. Dawson
Mrs. Finniss

Grade 1:
Mrs. Packard

Grade 2:
Ms. Cardarelli

Mrs. Clemons's
Current Unit:
Basketball Skills

Reminder to Students and Parents:

Students must wear sneakers (with treads on the bottom) to move safely in Physical Education class.

Sneaker Rule:
If students forget sneakers once, they may borrow a pair from the sneaker bin. If students forget a second time, they will sit out for P.E. for that class, however will be able to participate in any non-running activities (flexibility).

I encourage students to put sneakers in their backpack or cubby so they are prepared. It takes away from student's class time when they borrow sneakers every class. 

The goal of every P.E. class is to keep all students safe and as active as possible!

Thank You for your support in keeping our students safe!!!