Literacy Coach Corner 2016-2017

Hi families!
    My name is Emily Darby and I am very lucky to be the Literacy Coach of E.K.E.S..  At the school, I plan literacy events, work with teachers to write curriculum and insure best practice, teach Leveled Literacy Intervention groups, serve on SAU 16 committees to insure common practices across the elementary schools, and collaborate with our wonderful Literacy Tutor, Sharon Norman. This year, I am planning many more fun literacy related activities. Keep an eye on my column in the weekly EKES newsletter for upcoming literacy events.  Many fun events are in store!  Here are just a few:

*Collecting summer reading logs & handing out free book prizes!  If you need a copy, feel free to print another by clicking on the top link to the left.
*Kindergarten "Reading is a Hoot" Night - Hope to see all K families there.
                                                                *Poetry and Pizza Night
                                                                *Birthday Books
                                                                *Book Bins at lunchtime       
                                                                *Comic Book clubs at lunchtime
                                                                *Play More, Read More Week
                                                                *A Fundraising Night in January at the Barnes and Noble

Reading is a Hoot Night!
On Thursday, October 6th, Kindies transformed into little Night Owls by wearing their pajamas, and coming back to school with their families.  We sang songs, read books, and talked about ways of making reading F-U-N and part of your family tradition.  Thanks to all of those families who were able to come, to Mr. Tullar for jumping into the fun, and to all of the teachers who were able to help as well.  If you'd like to see what handouts were given in a special totebag, (along with a free book and sweet treat), check out the link below.  Reading can be a hoot for you, too!


It is never too late for a child to fall in love with books! After all these years as an educator (let’s just say 20+!), and as a Mom (10 years), I have found that there are 3 pivotal behaviors to foster and keep the love of reading alive.

  1. Encorporate it into your day.  Make a daily commitment to carve out time for reading.  Whether it be books on CD in the car, books during breakfast, or books at bedtime, you need to make a conscious choice to carve out time.  I understand that it can be “a daily battle”, and you may lose that from time to time, but make sure you win “the war” by slipping in even a few Shel Silverstein poems on a busy day.  Stay the course, and prioritize it over video games and TV, and you will.  Many studies have found that reading out loud to a child is the key.  Check out the link below for more details.

  2. Go to the library.  Miss Tracy and the town librarians are so on top of newly released books!  They are truly amazing, and welcoming.  Also, if you have a child who is not invested in a book at the moment, they just might be able to suggest a good one to get them hooked!

  3. Let them choose.  Follow your child’s passion of sports, dance, horses, Pokemon, Legos,etc.  and there are books out there for them.  Guiness Book of World Records and other informational texts are often intriguing for some. Graphic novels and comic books offer a lot of visual support, that can hook many kids in as well.

An article on the importance of reading out loud to kids:

 Happy reading, everyone- Emily Darby, Literacy Coach



STUCK INDOORS?  Try one of these spelling games!


Comic Book Clubs!


Dear families,

        Melissa Foy (our Library Media Specialist) and I are hosting Comic Book clubs!  This is a fun, optional, voluntary reading activity for 4th & 5th graders, once a week, during lunchtime.  Kids explore:

 *The format& characteristics of comic books (fiction, meant to entertain, involve a problem, filled with action and/or humor, and require a plot)

*The language often used, (such as Onomomatopoeia or the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named, like “drizzle” or “boom”)

*Character development while they craft their own individual characters, (such as antagonists, protagonists, etc.)

      Want to learn more about comic books? Visit Stairway to Heaven Comics, located under the Water Street Bookstore in Exeter.  Brad, the owner, is a former High School English teacher, and always looking for fun ways to rope kids into literacy. Comic books are now being published with ratings similar to movies, and there are plenty of G and PG books available.   Or, check out this link:

You never know what will inspire your child to read!-








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