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This two-week course will guide students through independent and authentic writing in meaningful contexts. Through the use of mentor texts, we will examine the specific process that real writers use to develop and draft original pieces of writing. As we write together, we will build a community of young writers where everyone will have the opportunity share their stories and discover their own unique voice. This course is open to both experienced and inexperienced writers in all grades (including incoming freshmen) and designed around the idea that creative expression can change our lives.

Students will complete the following assignments:

· a publishable piece (10 pages).

· a 10 – 15 minute analysis of your process and reading of a section (on the last day of classes)

· a final analysis of yourself as a writer

By the end of this class, each student will be expected to produce 10 publishable pages of original writing. This can be in the form of 10 short vignettes or one long piece. In addition, each student will be expected to present / read all or part of their final product and discuss their process in front of the class on the last day.


"On Writing" by Stephen King. A copy will be provided for all students, but I do suggest purchasing a copy to annotate.

True Stories by Rebecca Rule and Susan Wheeler (excerpts only)

**Student work in this class is not censored. Students are completely free to choose the topic they write about and many times, this freedom allows students to explore painful topics in a safe environment. Some students will embellish events for reasons relating to craft. Please keep that in mind while reading these pieces. Many students may also opt to not publish their entire piece and only submit sections for publication, which is why some pieces appear longer than others.