Welcome to Guidance

My name is Anne Mulligan and I've been a school counselor in Hooksett since 1984.  I am a graduate of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts with a BA in American History, and a MEd in Counseling from Notre Dame College in Manchester.

The Cawley Guidance Department is multi-faceted. Mrs. Maguire and I work closely with administrators, teachers, and parents to meet the social, emotional and academic needs of the Cawley students.  I support students whose last names are A-L, and I meet regularly with them in lunch groups and individually to help ensure their success. Students are welcome to contact me through email or stop by my office to discuss any concerns they have, and parents are invited to communicate with me by phone or email.  I attend weekly team meetings to discuss student concerns, and I am a case manager for students who have 504 accommodation plans and attend special education meetings.  I am responsible for scheduling high school presentations and review all high school course selection forms the students and parents complete.  I am a co-coordinator of the annual Project Safeguard for seventh grade students and their parents. Please feel free to contact me at 518-5047 x5007 or at amulligan@sau15.net.

Outside resources:

For assistance with information about critical health and human services available in the Hooksett community and New Hampshire, dial 2-1-1 or go to New Hampshire 2-1-1 Get Connected, Get Answers

For 24 hour crisis assistance:  contact the YWCA New Hampshire at 603-668-2299 or Manchester YWCA