Welcome to Mrs Strike's science!


*********Mrs. Strike*********

Need help? Ask a question? Send an email: cstrike@sau10.org      

Topics of Study:

  • Nature of Science, engineering Design

  • Measurement, Tools, Safety

  • Chemistry

  • Ecosystems

  • Earth


Summative: Evaluating  Skills Mastery

(tests, projects, quizzes) ..........................70%

Formative:  Developing Skills

(classwork, labs,some projects)


Homework-tracked but not included in grade, completion increases ability to do well on summatives

Student Responsibilities:

  • Complete work in class or finish at home

  • Do all work to the best of your ability

  • Seek help when you don’t understand

  • Bring all  supplies needed for class

  • NO FOOD or DRINK allowed in science

  • Follow all Safety rules

  • Taking pride in all your work

  • Persevere



  • Interactive Science Notebooks  (composition book, no spirals)

  • NEVER tear out pages

  • Pencils and erasers

  • Jumbo Glue stick (stored in science room)

  • Color pencils

*****Need to bring these EVERY day*****

Useful Websites:

Mrs. Strike’s 6-2 webpage to find many links, unit resources, homework, interesting videos, video notes:


Quizlet  - our class online vocab flashcards,

go to my website, click on “On line resources, choose your class color

Quia    http://www.quia.com/profiles/fleach10

Our class games  to study for tests

Follow up when you are absent means that you

  1. Check the Class Interactive Notebook

  2. Copy notes &  glue in pages (collect papers from red file or designated area)

  3. Check with teacher to make up labs

  4. Arrange with teacher to stay after for missed lessons

  5. You are allowed 3 days to make up work

  6. Missing work becomes a 50